Surface Protection Division

We offer reliable and quality corrosive / abrasive protection systems that will protect your surfaces.

Rubber Lining

Services provided at our established workshops or on site include:

We pride ourselves in being industry specialists when it comes to rubber lining of vessels, pipes, and fittings. We specialize in providing for high abrasive environments (both wet & dry) such as mineral slurries. Our focus is on the corrosive side of applications, providing for environment dealing with products such as acidic and demon water. With our track record indicating the successful application of over 350 000 square meters of rubber lining in the past 2 decades, with diverse requirements including vessels, tanks, tankers, and pipes, we pride ourselves in calling ourselves rubber lining specialists.

  • Specialising in Tank and mill linings

  • Rubber Lining of load bins, LDS’s, trucks, tankers, trailers, launders, pipes and chutes; 

  • Specialised rubber compounds for any application; 

  • Corrosive protection systems; 

  • Wet & dry abrasion protection systems; 

  • High temperature protection systems; 

  • Autoclave vulcanising of all rubber compounds;

  • Plant optimisation and problem solving. 

Acid Proofing Tiling

Rubcon Industrial has completed various projects, including the application of:

  • Red & White acid tiling systems;

  • Carbon brick acid tiling systems;

  • Carbon brick lining systems;

  • Ceramic tiling systems;

  • Fiberglass membrane systems

Brick lining

Rubcon Industrial has completed numerous lining projects, including:

  • Red acid brick lining;

  • White acid brick lining;

  • Carbon brick lining;

  • Fiberglass membrane systems.

Screeding systems

Screeding systems enables you to protect your production floors from all the environmental danger resulting from chemicals used in your production plants. 

Self-leveling epoxy flooring enables for any application available at Rubcon Industrial.

Autoclave curing

The vulcanizing process is a highly complicated and complex process to complete. Rubcon Industrial own multiple autoclaves in RSA and accompanied with our high level of technical expertise and experience, we have the capabilities to perform these complex procedures.

Chute Liners

Our high-quality chute liner has a specialized friction feature, that helps your product get from point A to point B in an optimized time frame.

Fiberglass membrane systems

Our single, double or triple membrane system is the perfect foundation for any effective acid proofing system.

A diverse range of applications are available to choose from, to fit your specific needs.

Brick and Tile Removal

Surface preparation such as a sound foundation is crucial to any lining application. Rubcon industrial is equipped with the skills and equipment for these operations.

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Surface Protection Products