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Our products and services are guaranteed to the highest quality standards and have been trusted for over three decades.

Super Screw

The super-fast mechanical joint can be implemented in the event of a breakdown, to prevent excessive production loss. The joint allows for the re-commencement of production within the hour, minimizing downtime significantly.

Rubber line &GroovingPulleys
  • Rubber line any specified thickness;

  • Autoclave vulcanization curing;

  • Groove any pattern, shape & size.

Pulley Lagging& Crowning

Rubcon Industrial can install pulley lagging on site or at our workshop. The installation of lagging enhances grip, and the implementation of crowning enhances alignment.

CeramicPulley Lagging

Rubcon’s ceramic pulley lagging is superior to other lagging systems. The ceramic pulley lagging has numerous advantageous applications including:

  • Wet application grip and alignment;

  • Extended lifespan;

  • Reduced upkeep;

  • Extensive reduction in downtime due to failure.

PVC ConveyorBelts

Rubcon Industrial’s team holds the qualifications and the experience to execute mechanical splicing, hot and cold splicing, and chemical splicing on PVC conveyor belts, to ensure the enhancement of the efficiency of your production facilities.

Belt Repairs

Rubcon has the expertise, experience, and capabilities to successfully conduct, reliable belt repairs to get production back in operation quickly. These belt repairs include:

  • Paste repairs;

  • Strip cover repairs;

  • Mechanical repairs.

Second Hand Belting Services

Rubcon offers the following reliable services:

  • Purchasing of your secondhand belts;

  • Machine rolling of secondhand belts;

  • Recycling and cutting of secondhand belts to fit specific measurement requirements;

  • Sale of reliable secondhand belting for your application.

Cold Splicing

Our traditional cold splicing remains superior in cost effective belt joining procedures, whilst still maintaining high quality results.

Cold Accelerated (CA) Splicing

Our unique CA splicing service cannot be found anywhere else on the market. Trusted by our clients for more than two decades the CA splice has no curing time and is the strongest cold splice bond out there. Our longstanding experience and excellent reputation in the application of the CA splice elevates the product popularity.

Hot Splice

Rubcon’s exceptional hot splice the most popular application of splicing, this is due to the superior quality and durability of the splice. With state-of-the-art equipment, combined with experienced staff, the hot splicing process is more time effective, reducing downtime significantly but also guarantees superior durability.

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